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Biden's governance in Trump's America.

For anyone following the U.S. Presidential Election, you already know that Joe Biden has won and will become the 46th POTUS. Whilst this year’s election is being regarded as one of the most controversial and divisive presidential elections in US history, the people have spoken and it’s Biden/Harris for the win. As an outsider looking in on the U.S. Presidential Election, you might be wondering how it happened. How did someone with very few social media followers, very few crowds on the campaign trail, and without the popular vote, beat someone with millions of social media followers, some of the largest turnouts ever at their campaign rallies, and the popular vote? This is where the nuances of the American government’s electorate system come to light and an overview of these nuances will help clear up some of the aforementioned thoughts.

How The Electorate System Works

To ensure that everyone has a fair vote and a voice in the election process, the United States created the electoral college. This gives power and what is perceived to be the correct democratic representation to all citizens in and amongst the variously populated states. The ultimate need for this is that the states with a much lower population than others will have a somewhat voice in the wheels of American democracy. Here’s how it works:

During the general election, American voters head to the polls where they cast their vote for their choice of President. The tally of those votes is known as the popular vote, but ironically and unlike other most democracies from around the world, they do not actually decide the winner of the Presidential elections. Instead, the Presidential election uses the Electoral College which states that, to win the election, a candidate must receive a majority of electoral votes. Whilst this is an over simplification of the process, it shows that so long as the presidential candidate has the Electoral college, they will progress to become the president elect.

What To Expect From Biden?

What can we expect from Joe Biden as POTUS? Biden has already shared many of his upcoming policies and priorities that he is looking to implement once he takes office. These include: ‘Biden supports a healthcare plan that would build upon the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), including an expansion of the public option.Biden supports a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and has committed to a 100-day moratorium on deportations if he's elected. Biden wants to re-join the Paris Climate Accord and, while he does not support banning fracking, he does support banning new drilling on public land.’ The results of the Presidential election have now been finalised and even though Joe Biden’s campaign was successful, it’s only the first step in the long path of governance in what some commentators describe as Trump’s America.

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