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1 l Diversity - a reality dissected
Episode 1   Diversity - a reality dissected.
With the world becoming more and more globalised by the day, we are joined by Mim Shaikh to create conversation about the insights, challenges and benefits that an ever increasing multi-cultural society brings to our lives. 
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Guest: Mim Shaikh
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Episode 2   Will Trump make America great again?
Guests: Sarah Daoudi, Hasheemah Afaneh
Having been elected for one term already, one of the most divisive world leaders is looking to secure another term in office. Join us for our conversation on the US elections with Sarah Daoudi and Hasheemah Afaneh to discuss one of the most interesting elections in history.
2 I Will Trump make America great again?
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Guest: Bawar Hamad
Episode 3   UK jobs, Covid-19 and whole lot of optimism.
With many of us spending nearly half our lives in employment, the impact of Covid-19 will have long lasting repercussions on the job market. We are joined by Bawar Hamad to discuss the pre-Covid-19 job market, the impact this virus has had on it and what the job market looks like in 2021. 
3 l UK jobs, Covid-19 and a whole lot of optimism.
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Episode 4   Yemen - a nuanced conflict explained.
Guest: Abubakr Al-Shamahi
Yemen, a country that epitomises the complex socio-political relationships that exist within the Middle East. Tune in to this episode and join us with our guest, Abubakr Al-Shamahi, to help shed light on the nuances of this conflcit. 
4 l Yemen - a nuanced conflict explained.
Guest: Sam Gable
Episode 5   The Arab Spring - 10 years on.
The Arab Spring shook the Middle East. With it's far reaching implications on a social, political and econonmic level, we are joined by Sam Gable to discuss this region changing event 10 years on from an Egyptian perspective.
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5 l The Arab Spring - 10 years on.
Episode 6   Women enpowerment in politics 
Guest: Leanah Al-Awadhi
With change being the only constant in politics, we are joined by Leanah Al-Awadhi from Mudhawi's List to discuss the ever changing and progressive nature of women in politics, with a focus on the Middle East.
Episode 6 l Women enpowerment in politics
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